Student presentation and poster awards at IFSEMC 2022

The International Festival of Sport and Exercise Medicine will recognize three students for exceptional work in each of the presentation and poster categories. Students wanting to compete for the award must indicate this by ticking the appropriate box during the abstract submission process.


Anyone registered for an undergraduate or postgraduate degree in 2021, or if the work was conducted in 2020 when the presenter was a registered student. Proof of registration will be required. The student must be the first author and presenter.

Evaluation criteria
Finalists will be shortlisted based on their abstracts and their presentations will be scheduled in one session with all the judges present. They will be evaluated according to the following criteria;
  • Quality and originality of the research
  • Clear introduction
  • Well-articulated research question
  • Appropriate research design
  • Data presentation and analysis
  • Conclusions (matched to research question and data)
  • Good presentation skills

The posters will be judged on similar criteria except for the “good presentation skills” will be replaced by “aesthetics of the design of the poster”.


The top three students in each category will be recognized with a certificate presented at the conference dinner. Prizes (to be announced) will also be awarded.