Prof Christa Janse van Rensburg

Professor Janse van Rensburg is a Rheumatologist and Sports Physician and the Head of the Section Sports Medicine at the University of Pretoria where she trained more than 80 post-graduate students to become sports physicians. She is the current President of the South African Sports Medicine Association (SASMA). She is a Fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and was selected as Member of the Scientific Committee of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) World Conference on Prevention of Injury and Illness in Sport (Monaco, 2020). She is also a board member of the medical committee of the International Netball Federation (INF). She regularly presents at national and international conferences, including several of the IOC Advanced Team Physician Courses, and various ACSM annual meetings. She was also a keynote speaker at several conferences. She is a National Research Foundation (NRF) rated researcher with an excess of 100 articles in peer-reviewed journals and on the editorial board of the British Journal of Sports Medicine (BJSM) and the American Journal of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (AJPMR). She accompanied many sports teams as a sports physician, including the SA Olympic team to Athens.

Bertie Herbst

BASA - Biokinetics Association of South Africa ( Bertie Herbst is a biokineticist, business owner, leader, speaker, husband and father. Bertie started his career fourteen years ago as a biokineticist and recently celebrated eleven successful years in private practice. Bertie places value on growth in his personal and professional life and for this reason, he completed his Master of Science in Medicine in the field of Biokinetics at the University of the Witwatersrand. He envisions to be a person of influence and to develop leaders within the health spectrum. Bertie serves on numerous boards and committees and is currently serving as the President of the Biokinetics Association of South Africa. Bertie is known for his expertise and has been called upon to speak at international conferences alongside other medical and health professionals on various aspects of health and fitness and their related topics. Bertie has been married to Manuela for nine years and has a beautiful daughter, Gabriella, and an adventurous son, Joshua.

Prof Hanlie Moss

African Physical Activity Network. Prof Hanlie (SJ) Moss, is a registered Biokineticst and Director of Research for the focus area Physical Activity, Sport and Recreation (PhASRec) at the North-West University. She serves as the Scientific chair of the International Conference for Physical Activity, Sport and Health for Development in Africa (IC-PASHDA) hosted by the North-West University. She has served as Board member for the Biokinetics Association in the portfolio of Public Sector (2013 – 2014) and Academics (2016 -2018). Prof Moss holds a C2 rating with the National Research Foundation (NRF). Her research interests are on physical activity and exercise to prevent and treat lifestyle diseases and special populations, such as persons with intellectual disabilities, depression, and pregnant women. She has published more than 60 national and international peer-reviewed papers, presented more than 100 national and international conference papers, and authored three book chapters. She has supervised more than 35 postgraduate students and 3 postdoctoral students. The “Eminent Scientist of the Year for the African Region” was awarded to her in 2011 for her work on exercise in persons with intellectual disabilities. In 2017 she was also recognised by the South African Academy of Arts and Culture as the recipient of the Albert Strating award for “Preventative Medicine” due to her work on the role of physical activity in the prevention of risk factors for non-communicable diseases. She is currently the editor of the South African Journal for Research in Sport, Physical Education and Recreation.

Dr Helen Bayne

South African Society of Biomechanics. Dr Helen Bayne is the chairperson of the South African Society of Biomechanics. Helen holds a doctoral degree in sports biomechanics from the University of Western Australia and is currently a lecturer, researcher, and sports scientist at the University of Pretoria. Her research focuses on the development of physical capacity and technique to enhance athletic performance and reduce injury risk. Working in the field alongside her academic career, she is a consultant to Cricket South Africa and the International Cricket Council and has provided specialist services to elite athletes in a variety of sports, with a particular focus on cricket bowling and sprinting.

Prof Mike Lambert
Dr Sharief Hendricks

Prof Leon Lategan
Dr Jacolene Kroff
Prof Lloyd Leech
Dr Paola Wood

Prof Hanlie Moss
Prof Martinique Sparks
Prof Andries Monyeki

Dr Helen Bayne